Albrecht von Grünhagen
The Sacred Disease

Short, 28min
THE SACRED DISEASE is about the thin line between illness and cure, between madness and the mundane, between this world and a hidden one. It is very much about yearning for the unknown, about “disorder” as a means to veiled knowledge or experience.

The film is an attempt to recreate the feeling of these visceral, otherworldly seizures, which I experienced in my early 20s. Though classified as a form of epilepsy, these sudden alterations in consciousness felt like a glimpse of something beyond language, inexplicable and transcendent.

I’m interested in the limits of human knowledge, chasing a horizon that will never stop receding. This is a story about those who take comfort in the chaos and mystery of the unknown. They do not explain away the questions that send them searching. (Erica Scoggins)

Cast: Kyla Ledes, Abigail Eiland, Derek McLenithan, Susannah Devereux, Rebecca Lines, Amber Scoggins

Director: Erica Scoggins
Production Company: CalArts/dffb
Format: Red Epic
Runtime: 24min
Year: 2016